“I feel like I have the power now, not the food.”


“Before working with Shannon, I ate to avoid dealing with feelings or talking to my husband about concerns/issues in our relationship. I used food as comfort, felt out of control, was depressed and felt like a failure. I hid my eating from other people, especially my husband.

After 6 months, I learned what my triggers for eating are (were!), learned valuable techniques to help me get through the times when I wanted to eat instead of dealing with my feelings or not speaking up. The most valuable technique was simply asking myself “Why do I want to eat”? I made the decision to feel things, not try to push the feelings away by eating. I feel more confident in my ability to deal with my feelings, with my triggers and not fall back on eating. I am able to give myself permission to eat something if I want it, and don’t beat myself up afterwords. I learned that I can eat a small amount of something that I want and feel satisfied. I feel like I have the power now, not the food. Food is simply food, it does not provide comfort, it is not a problem solver.

One positive outcome of doing this program that surprised me was that I am able to give myself permission to eat something that I really want, and am generally satisfied with a small amount, and don’t feel guilt afterwords. A second positive outcome was the support of the group and Shannon – I didn’t feel so alone with my eating issues, and welcomed the suggestions that others had when I raised a question or issue.

When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel grateful that I found this program, feel proud that I had the courage to recognize my problem/issue and was willing to take action to deal with the problem/issue. By being part of the group program, I felt like I wasn’t alone and the only one dealing with this issue. I know that I will never be done with this process but I have the tools to help me be successful in dealing with my emotional eating.

Something else I would like to share about this experience is how comprehensive the program is. We set 1 month/3 month/6 month goals, talked about fears, what’s holding us back, the “disease to please”, learning to make decisions to help us feel energized, relationships, developing routines, and that what we pay attention to creates our life. The techniques and tools that Shannon provides during the program are great.

I highly recommend this program if you’ve struggled with eating for comfort instead of hunger, if you don’t know why you eat (and overeat), and feel bad about overeating and the choices you are making. Take the leap and do it, you will never regret it!”

-Susan Moon

“I feel more energetic.”

“Before doing The Ending Emotional Eating Program, I worried about what others were thinking about my eating habits, worried about my daily weight, and felt guilty when I was around food. Now, I don’t care what my weight is and feel good about the direction I’m headed with my nutrition and health.

One thing that surprised me was that food can be social AND nutritious, without guilt. When I look back at when I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel thankful that I gave myself permission to explore my feelings about food and my eating habits.

I feel more energetic. I’ve noticed that my afternoon coffee break wasn’t something that was so pronounced. And that’s probably the biggest change I’ve noticed and I don’t know if that’s because I have been walking or if it’s just because I have more routine, but I haven’t needed that afternoon coffee break. I had a coffee this week but it wasn’t that NEED, that “Oh my god, I’m not going to make it through the afternoon if I don’t have some!…

I have late night cravings and have often eaten as a reward or eaten to change my mood. Now, I’m actually USING the fun cookbook I made for myself. I enjoy eating a big breakfast and don’t feel guilty about it like I used to. My clothes fit better and I’m smiling more :). This program has helped me to be aware of my eating habits, which means I feel better about my eating decisions. The skeptic in me was quieted very early in the program.

I highly recommend this program if you have struggled with feelings of guilt or shame about your eating habits.”

-Jodi K., 45, who would prefer to be outdoors and would sleep year around, in a hammock, under the stars if she could

Overland Park, Kansas

“Not thinking about food all day long is really really great!”


“Before Shannon’s Ending Emotional Eating Program I felt extremely stressed about food, was unhappy a lot, and wasn’t taking care of myself. After 3 months, I am less stressed about food!!!! I am more active and no longer hungry all the time. I’m able to NOT eat when other people are eating and I don’t feel like having anything. Being less stressed about food means that I am less likely to relapse with my eating disorder. Not thinking about food all day long is really really great!”


“I am grateful there is someone like Shannon to help those of us who are struggling not only with food but also emotional issues.”


“I have been challenged with being on a weight roller coaster, eating unhealthy foods, not putting myself first, and lack of exercise. After Shannon’s Ending Emotional Eating program, I am more mindful of my eating, my weight has stabilized and I’m eating a lot less junk food. And I’m trying to put myself first. Now I slow down and think about what I am eating and why, which helps me to be healthy in body and mind.

This program makes so much sense and in this very busy world I am grateful there is someone like Shannon to help those of us who are struggling not only with food but also emotional issues. It is very helpful to have the support from another woman who lets you know it is OK to put yourself first.”

-Sharon Flick

“That was a surprise because I had just lost about 10 pounds. I thought, on vacation I could easily gain a few pounds but I didn’t, I lost even more, so I thought that was pretty amazing.”


Jacquie shares how she used what she learned while working with Shannon while on a trip to visit an unwell family member… A situation that would send many of us into sugar binges, forgetting to eat and getting over hungry, eating junk for pleasure, and so on, to cope with the stress.

“I really just focused on what I wanted to eat, eating what I felt would make me feel good and eating when I needed to. And that’s pretty much what I did the whole time.

I always had a good routine once I left the hospital. I had a routine where I walked every morning and had certain things that I wanted to eat for breakfast and start my day off really well. I just really paid attention.

At night if I didn’t cook, I went to several restaurants over several days and I thought, “This is going to do me in,” but you know, I ordered what I wanted and what was also really good for me and ate to that point [of being full]. I still felt like “Man, that was too much probably” but it turned out OK.

I didn’t have any sweets except one apple fritter, the whole time, which I thought was pretty good. I just said, “No, it just doesn’t make you feel good,” so I focused on green tea. And I had some stuff that I might not have, but the fact is, I did really well and when I came back I had lost about 3 pounds, in two weeks!

Which, considering I’m eating out a lot… And eating just enough to where I’m comfortably full, I thought, that was a good thing. That was a surprise because I had just lost about 10 pounds. I thought, on vacation I could easily gain a few pounds but I didn’t, I lost even more, so I thought that was pretty amazing. I really really implemented the program.”

-Jacquie Lombard, Mother of 3 cats

Mission, Kansas

“I could be in the same room with treats and not even notice!”

“Before working with Shannon I was struggling with eating when I wasn’t hungry, hiding my eating, and just feeling bad about my body. Shopping was stressful and even though I know about nutrition, I wasn’t doing what I knew I should do. After working with Shannon, I was finally able to relax around food! After 6 months, I could be in the same room with treats and not even notice! My body felt lighter and, even though I don’t weigh myself, my clothes feel looser. I would recommend this program to anyone who is dealing with emotional eating and wants an approach that will last long timer (not a quick fix).”

-Carolyn Vanmeeter


“I had to go shopping for some new summer clothes because everything is too loose on me.”

“Before working with Shannon, I felt tired, had trouble sleeping, and was sluggish. I would eat if I was bored, sad, or just because the food was there. For years and years that was how I ate- at least 14 years. It felt good when I was eating but then when I was done it felt heavy and I was full of guilt. I would ask myself “why did I eat that when it didn’t even taste good?” I felt like crap and sometimes to the point I felt like throwing up. And for some reason I just kept doing it. I went to the doctor and was told I was pre-diabetic.


I used to drink soda at lunch. I drank very little water during the day. I would have one water bottle and sip it all day. After lunch I’d feel horribly thirsty because I was eating salty or processed foods and it would suck me dry. Now I drink iced tea and water for lunch. I drink water all of the time and I always have it with me. Before breakfast I have a bottle and I drink between meals. I have peppermint water that I drank at first because the taste helped me to want it. Now I’m used to the taste of plain water. It has made me feel MUCH MUCH better. A huge part of why I felt tired was that I was dehydrated all of the time and I had no idea how it was impacting me.


I would crave sweets almost all of the time. I was thinking ahead to what I was going to eat next. It’s all that I would think about- food, food, food, food. My sweet tooth has been a struggle my whole life. When I went to the store I’d want ice cream and candy. Now that has completely changed. When I have cookies and ice cream they last much longer than the used to because I can feel satisfied eating less. I used to eat so much it would feel uncomfortable in my stomach but that rarely happens anymore. Often I want fruit when I want something sweet. I have fruit for snacks and enjoy it! We don’t even have pop in the house anymore. I used to get a medium or large Sonic blast and feel really full and ask myself why I ate it. Now I get the mini-one and I’m really satisfied with that. I haven’t even stopped to get one of those in I don’t know how long… I get just an ice cream cone and that much ice cream satisfies me.

I used to think I was hungry all of the time. My mind was thinking about food but now I know I wasn’t actually physically hungry. I wasn’t getting enough protein and water and that also made me feel more hungry. Now, at dinner time I don’t even feel very hungry at all and will eat something small. I won’t always have a big meal and that’s enough to satisfy me. Now I’m paying attention to my body. I notice when I’m physically full and can stop eating.

Before, I wouldn’t eat much protein with my meals. Now I have more nuts, nut butters, cheese, and more meat. I feel a lot better with that and having less carbs. I feel more satisfied when I have protein with my meals. In the past when I would eat just grains and no protein I’d feel full but not satisfied and I’d get hungry again earlier.

I don’t get as stressed at work because I feel better and I’m not thinking about the food as much so there’s less stress from being distracted by that. There are some crazy days but I can handle it a lot easier. I have a plan for when I have more work to do (covering for someone). I’m not sluggish, I get my water in, and I’m able to handle things better mentally. I used to snack more and have M and M’s or stop for ice cream on the way home. It was an attempt to feel better but it didn’t work.

This summer I went to the doctor and my blood work came back good. I am no longer pre-diabetic. Eating healthier has several good things! It makes me feel better physically and emotionally. Now I don’t binge anymore at all. I used to get a bag of chips or cookies and not pay attention to how they tasted and then want more. Now if I need a cookie I will get one or a few chips, enjoy them, and then I’m satisfied and I don’t need anymore. I’m more aware now so many times I will choose to do something else besides eating.

I used to wait until my husband got home for dinner even if I was really hungry long before he returned. Now I eat when I’m hungry and don’t wait until 8pm. I sit with him when he eats. It helps to eat when I’m hungry because I sleep better and I’m not digesting food while I sleep. I feel much better earlier. When we eat out for lunch, we eat healthier. I’ll take half of the bread off of the bun and still feel like I got what I wanted. My husband and I are both eating healthier now so we will split things- like sharing fries. We pick healthier things on the menu. We used to eat out on the weekends too for dinner but now we are fixing healthier meals at home instead. As it gets cold we will continue eating at home. We buy a case of Tilapia so we can pull out some fish and we have lean beef to use for our dinners. That makes nice quick and easy meals.

Before it was harder to eat at home because I didn’t like the work of having to decide what to make. Now I have a plan for what to prepare during the week so it’s easy to make a meal and stay at home, which is much healthier. I love the meal plan strategy that Shannon shared with me. I also remember to get the meat out of the freezer so it can be de-thawing. I used to forget to do that.”

-Deborah Seetin