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How do you get started?  It’s simple.

Just contact Shannon to schedule your complimentary Weight Loss Strategy Session or Emotional Eating Strategy Session.


Meet privately with Shannon, over the phone (YES you can wear your pajamas!) for 30- 45 minutes to:

  • Get clear on what you want so you know what steps to take

  • Identify your top motivating factors (the things that will keep you on track)

  • Discover what is holding you back or getting in the way of your success

  • Find the next step for YOU that will have the greatest impact

To schedule your Strategy Session, contact Shannon at 360-350-7801 or email to learn more.

During Vacation I Was Able To Enjoy All My Favorite Foods Without Any Weight Gain Whatsoever…”

Before working with Shannon, I obsessed with eating and not eating, weighing and not weighing a majority of my waking day. Unless seriously distracted, and that didn’t happen often enough, my thoughts were always preoccupied with my next bite.

One positive outcome of working with Shannon that surprised men was when I fully implemented her teachings during my two week vacation, I was able to enjoy all my favorite foods, dine out in restaurants, and still return home without any weight gain whatsoever. And never once did I worry about what I should or shouldn’t eat.”

Jacquie Lombard

Mother of one son and 2 cats

Kansas City

“Not thinking about food all day long is really really great!”


“Before working with Shannon I felt extremely stressed about food, was unhappy a lot, and wasn’t taking care of myself. Now, I am less stressed about food!!!! I am more active and no longer hungry all the time. I’m able to NOT eat when other people are eating and I don’t feel like having anything. Being less stressed about food means that I am less likely to relapse with my eating disorder. Not thinking about food all day long is really really great!”


Mother and Teacher