If you’re Ready to Get Fit and Feel Beautiful and Confident WITHOUT The Disappointment of ANOTHER Diet That Doesn’t Last, You are in the right place.

Shannon Hodge teaches the FUN way to lose weight and keep it off WITHOUT diets, deprivation, or crazy exercise.

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  • Feel Stuck with weight-loss, “no matter what I do I never seem to lose weight!
  • Eat when you’re stressed
  • Feel out of control with food
  • Find that you lose weight during a diet but gain it all back PLUS MORE
  • Fight with yourself about what to eat (I want to eat it!  No, don’t eat it!)
  • Find yourself grazing and snacking and don’t know what
  • Feel guilty after eating or hide your eating
  • Dread getting dressed in the morning or being in photographs
  • Know what you COULD be doing for yourself but still DON’T do it?
  • Go to food for comfort


If you said “yes” to any of these, first of all, know that you’re NOT ALONE!  I have been in your shoes.

If you’d like to have a conversation about how to break free from your struggle with food and weight, call me at (360) 350-7801 or email me at  Shannon@ShannonHodge.com.

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